Falls are one of the most common causes of accidents and injuries in the senior population. Due to certain diseases and some effects of aging, they usually have trouble keeping their balance and staying steady.

As a home care agency, we specialize in senior healthcare and safety. Allow us to share our expert opinion on how to prevent fall accidents at home. Follow these tips:

  • Consult your doctor about exercise routines you can do at home. Moderate regular physical activity can help improve your overall balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility.
  • Get your eyesight checked regularly. Having poor eyesight is common in seniors, and this increases the risk of falls. Make sure your glasses are the right fit and grade.
  • Consider hiring home care services in Novi. Having a professional caregiver with you will ensure your daily living activities are accomplished as well as keep you safe.
  • Use assistive devices to help you stay steady. You should also consider installing grab bars, raised toilet seats, shower benches, and anti-slip floor mats inside your bathrooms.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption and try to avoid getting drunk. You should also get enough sleep each night (7-9 hours). Practice standing up slowly and avoid wearing loose clothing.

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