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At Serving A Purpose Home care, providing you with safe, quality, dependable home care service is our goal! Our mission is to maintain and promote independence while increasing safety and life satisfaction.

Compassionate home health care for the greater Metro Detroit area

There comes a time in each of our lives when we, or our loved ones, may need assistance. Serving A Purpose Home care of Detroit is here to help. If you or your loved ones are facing health problems, be they temporary or chronic, it may be time to reach out for help. Let Serving A Purpose Home care of Detroit be of service to you.

Serving A Purpose Home care is owned and operated by two Registered Nurses with over ten years of experience. Purpose Home and Hospice Care’s mission is to offer a wide range of affordable healthcare to the community while providing safe, quality care that maintains client dignity, respect, and independence.

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Serving A Purpose Home care of Detroit Mission Statement

Our Purpose and Mission is to provide solutions and relief to the sons and daughters in need of safe, quality day-to-day care for their loved one in the comfort of home. Our vision is to be the premier home care provider for seniors while maintaining independence and dignity with the guide of experienced, compassionate health care professionals.

Seniors thrive at home where they feel most comfortable and happy. Purpose Home and Hospice Care is here to aid in cultivating that happiness with loving companionship and friendly care. You can rest assured knowing all of your loved ones’ social, emotional and physical needs are met.

One of the best home health agencies in Michigan

We are proud to offer world-class quality care to all of our clients. Our services include bath visits, medication reminders, respite services, companionship, being there while a family member is away at work, relief during errands, and much more. Contact us today to see how our expertise in home care in Oak Park, Michigan, can best benefit your loved one or yourself.

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Three steps to senior independence and peace of mind for you


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Enjoy the companionship of a caring caregiver and thrive in your home.

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Be confident in letting them stay home – they won’t be alone.

Your primary concern is their safety. We understand. You’re also concerned about their happiness, and they prefer to not be in a nursing home, but you can no longer put the rest of your life responsibilities on the back burner to care for your loved one. You may feel you have to sacrifice happiness for safety… so it’s time to call Serving A Purpose Homecare of Detroit.

Our certified caregivers are supervised by our two founding registered nurses, and we are all passionate about creating a safe and nurturing atmosphere for your loved one. They will be both safe and happy as Serving A Purpose Homecare of Detroit caregivers provide the care and the companionship they need.

Our in-home care addresses every part of the person – body, mind, and soul – so nothing is overlooked or neglected. You can confidently let them stay home in our hands guilt-free, trusting us to give them the best care possible. 

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