At some point, you may have tried forgetting to take your medications. This is a normal occurrence among many individuals. However, as any provider of home care services in Farmington Hills will tell you if it gets to the point where your senior loved ones regularly miss their prescribed medication intake, then that will become a problem.

However, there are several ways- you can help your seniors remember their medication routine. Here are some suggestions from our private duty care in Michigan team:

  • Use and label a pill box with the days of the week and give it to your seniors. A pill box is convenient since it obliterates the need to open different prescription bottles. In addition, they can take the correct medication at the right time since they are arranged based on the days they need to be taken.
  • Download a pill reminder app. Everyone has a phone nowadays. A pill reminder app can store a list of your seniors’ medications. There is an option to receive reminders to take their medication at a certain time.
  • Make it part of their daily routine. Every morning, your seniors never forget to eat breakfast, take a shower, and brush their teeth. It is automatic because it is their morning routine. You could make their prescription medications a part of this sequence. Or as another option, maybe during their nightly regimen. You can let them take it before brushing their teeth or after they have settled in bed. Eventually, it will become a habit.

Serving A Purpose Homecare can help your loved ones manage their medications as part of our home care in Oak Park, Michigan.

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