Starting a fulfilling career as a Certified Nursing Assistant is an excellent way to get your foot in the door of the healthcare industry. If you have a passion for helping others and enjoy supporting patients and their families, working for a
home care agency might be the right career move for you.

As a leading provider of home care in Oak Park, Michigan, we will relay the reasons why you should become a Certified Nursing Assistant:

  • Accessible Training

    Unlike other healthcare jobs, becoming a CNA is relatively quicker and more affordable. CNA training in Detroit can take a few weeks or months before you receive your certification. During the course of the program, you learn valuable clinical skills and gain knowledge to work effectively with your patients.

  • Opportunity to Specialize

    For some, working as a CNA is a great stepping stone to their dream job. The skills you learn as a CNA can be applied to several health care settings. Exposure to different environments can give you a clearer idea of the medical field you would like to pursue in the future.

  • Job Security

    Today, there is a demand for qualified CNAs. This high demand equates to greater job security for Certified Nursing Assistants. Hence, you can be sure to find a position shortly after completing a training program, no matter the location.

Serving A Purpose Homecare is a home care and hospice care provider offering services like concierge services and private duty care in Michigan. Additionally, we also offer a comprehensive training program for aspiring CNAs. Browse our site or contact us to learn more about our training program.